Jewish Community of Banja Luka scope of work for 2010

Project Jewish Community Center

Project Ivrit – Hebrew language, concept, oracles and Jewish holidays

Project Review of National Minorities of Banja Luka 2010

1. Organising of classes for Hebrew language
Classes would last for 6 months and it should be organised and financed by several donations. It would be available for all junior members, and it would be held in the premises of JCBL by miss. Milena Bjelic a Hebrew and Arabic language teacher During these classes we are planning to organise visits for foreign teachers who will introduce all participant to culture tradition of Jewish people , if the finance situation be at he right time

2. JUNIOS GROUP /meeting once a 2 weeks – head od junior group Danon Bojan
a/ Workshop opening – Jewish history and culture, lectures on Judaism in different cities in Republic of Srpska. Project development on the level of Jewish community of Banjam luka
b/ Adequate demonstrations of customs and procedures during celebration of traditional Jewish holidays. Projects within program of revitalisation of small Jewish communities. (Visits of professors and Rabies from Jewish communities Sarajevo, Zagreb and Belgrade.) , if the finance situation be at he right time
c/ Obligatory Hebrew language classes
d/ Internet club – news from the work of Jewish junior organisation around the World, and possibility of participation in their work through adequate projects.
e/ Active participation of junior members in work on projects of Jewish communities
f/ Cleaning and care of local cemetery.

3. FEMALE GROUP- Meeting once a week – Mrs. Stevandi? Aleksandra head POC
a/ Connecting with female groups from other Jewish communities (visiting, traditional meetings- Sholet , Novi Sad, Bejahad, Makabijada) .
b/ Project – organisation of meeting in Banja Luka..2010
c/ Organising of home care to senior community members (on weekly basis) , if the finance situation be at he right time
d/ Cooking of traditional meals during holiday’s celebration and international visits.
e/ Two weekly tea-parties

House visits of family doctor on weekly basis or when necessary (blood pressure, blood tests, cholesterol, therapy etc.) – Family doctor – project

Project in progress- Meeting of junior members fro ex Yu and abroad in Banja Luka -Jasenovac –Gradina 2010

Exibit- Jewish families of Banjaluka /Project in progress/

Work and activities

Current regular office activities are:

1. Administration work/Daily mail,fax,phone,Email comunication/
2. Daily communications with other Jewish community and JCBL members
3. Hebrew lessens (during afternoon hours) on Tuesday/Education/
4. Junior meetings (Wednesday)/
5. Female group (Thursday – tea parties)
6. Shabbat Shalom (Friday) and family Shabbat Shalom with eventual visits of a Rabbi
7. Scheduled meetings with the representatives of republic instituions ,town and media or special visit authorities of Jewish organisations/as needed/
8. Monthly meetings of the JCBL management board
9. Celebrations of traditional Jewish holidays during the year

1. Starting of the building the Jewish culture center with Synagogue April ,2010
2. Presentation of thwe book ”Holocaust of Jews from Bosanska Krajina “with exbit of this occasion
/ Finance by Claims Conference , Government R of Srpska and Banja luka city/January 27.2010
3. Project Hebrew language, concept and oracles, and traditional Jewish holidays May 2010
4. Holocaust remeberance – /Visits hoocaust places -Jasenovac –Gradina and Jewish cemetery Banja Luka with wreats laying – Exposition on holocaust subject – April 2010.
5. Workshop organisation – subject cultural Jewish tradition (experts’ guests Rabbi from Belgrade /Assiel/ classes -Tora and rabbi Albahari from Israel- classes
Sefard motion on the BiH
6. Celebration of the The Day of the Jewish communities of the world Exibit- Jewish families of Banjaluka
7. Participation in presentation culture activity of national minorities in Banja Luka 2010 – Septembar 2010

Board of JCBL